about The Farmers' market

The Downtown Farmers’ Market of Fort Pierce, Inc. provides a venue for the sale of produce or products to residents of, and visitors to, St. Lucie County and surrounding counties. The Market is a 501 C-3 organization whose tax-exempt status is directly related to its encouragement of commerce, entertainment and trade in Downtown Fort Pierce. The Market strives to display the city’s history, uniqueness, charm, and potential, in order to enhance St. Lucie County.

The Market seeks to have a mixture of produce, seafood, sauces, plants, food, beverage and product vendors that maintains the unique character of a Farmers’ Market. The ideal Market vendor will have grown the product he or she sells; or will have produced the item out of locally grown products. Another Market vendor could be someone who provides enhancement to the Market experience, for example, vendors who sell beverage and food products for consumption at the Market for the on-site enjoyment of the patrons.


The Downtown Farmers’ Market of Ft. Pierce, Inc. is intended to provide healthy, fresh foods and horticultural products to St. Lucie County and the surrounding areas, and to encourage commerce, entertainment and trade in Downtown Fort Pierce.